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Chesapeake City Park: Get More Nature at Your Doorstep

Chesapeake City ParkChesapeake City Park is located in Chesapeake, VA. The park has a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy including; multi-purpose athletic fields, trails and walking paths, playgrounds for children as well as adults, picnic areas with tables and grills. There are even two fishing ponds where you can fish all year round!

The Chesapeake City Park has a variety of amenities for visitors to enjoy. There are many trails and walking paths, as well as playgrounds for children and adults–perfect no matter your age! The park also features two fishing ponds where you can fish all year round. What’s more is that the entire city park is open from dawn until dusk so even if work or other commitments keep you from visiting during the day, there are still hours after dark when you’ll be able to take advantage of what this beautiful space has to offer.

There are also picnic areas with tables and grills throughout the area which makes it easy to pack up food on Saturday morning before heading out in order to have a relaxed lunch by one of the scenic places in the park.

What can I do with my friends at the Chesapeake City Park?

-have a picnic with friends or family,

-hike up to the scenic overlook and take in some of the beautiful scenery that surrounds you

How much does it cost to visit the park?

It is free to enter the Chesapeake City Park, but parking can be a little tricky. The best place to park may depend on when you are going and how many people will be with you.

Visitors pay an entrance fee of $25 per car load at the parking lot for day use access and typically this includes numerous amenities such as bath house facilities, picnic tables, grills (that also have electricity) and more. Boat launching fees range from $15-$20 depending on which boat ramp visitors choose to launch their vessel from; there’s one specifically designed for kayaks/canoes that discourages powerboats from visiting in order to preserve peace among boaters.

How do I visit the Chesapeake City Park?

In order to visit the Chesapeake City Park, you need to buy a parking pass. Once inside the park, visitors can enjoy various activities such as hiking, fishing and more; some of these may require an additional fee or permit for nonresidents. Nonresident fees are $50 per vehicle with two people in it and $25 per person if there is one person driving alone (waived on Sundays). Visitors should be mindful that different areas of the park have different rules about what type of vehicles they allow: For instance, trucks with boats on top cannot enter certain sections because they would not fit but other trails accommodate all types of cars so travelers will want to pay attention before entering any restricted areas.

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