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Getting lost in Oak Grove Lake Park

Oak Grove Lake Park in Chesapeake, VAWhen Oak Grove Lake Park was completed in 2008, Chesapeake city leaders touted the park as “the jewel of Chesapeake”. Oak Grove is a massive 80 acre urban wildlife refuge situated on the shores of Oak Grove Lake. It’s also home to more than 65 species of animals and 400 different types of plants. There are two entrances to Oak Grove Lake Park: one off Oakgrove Avenue and one off Oakwood Drive. Oakgrove Avenue leads to Oak Grove Lake Park’s main entrance, while Oakwood Drive takes visitors down a long wooded trail.

The Oak Grove Lake area is home to many different types of animals and plants; the most notable are bald eagles that can be seen soaring overhead from time-to-time. Oak Grove Lake also contains more than 600 fish species as well as several rare turtles. Visitors may not feed or touch any wildlife in order for them to feel safe and avoid disrupting their natural habitats (this applies mainly to nesting birds). As you walk through Oak Grove Lake Park, you will see dozens of deer grazing on the ground near water sources like ponds and creeks.

How much time should I spend at the park?

Oak Grove Lake Park is a really large area, so it can take up to two hours to explore the whole thing. Oak Grove Lake has three miles of trails and there are also hiking opportunities on Indian Creek Trail which runs along Chesapeake Bay.

What should I bring with me?

Aside from bug spray for those pesky mosquitoes, Oak Grove Lake contains lots of wildlife such as deer and bald eagles; you never know what might show up! Bring plenty of water since this park does not have any taps available outside (there are some within the building). You may want sunglasses or sunblock depending on when your visit takes place, but remember that Oak Grove’s many shady spots provide protection against UV rays.

More information about the history of Oak Grove Lake is available in the visitor’s center, but please note that you must pay a small admission fee for entry.

Oak grove park is a perfect destination location to explore and discover what makes Chesapeake such an amazing city! It has something for everyone- plenty of open spaces with picnic tables and grills so you can pack your lunch outside; easy trails around Oak Grove Pond where kids can fish or enjoy sailing lessons on Oak Grove School Pier (boats are always provided); nature lovers will love seeing deer, turtles, bald eagles, beavers and other wildlife along Indian Creek Trail; bicyclists will appreciate Oak Grove’s bike lanes which connect people all over the community.

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